Hi there,

My name is Hiba and I’m the founder of Rare Folks. I started this newsletter to push forward the discussion of public-interest technology and techno-ethics because I want to find the rarest gems of people that are looking to bridge the gap between how we design, build and govern digital products, services and spaces.

As a technologist, I talk a lot about what myself and peers can do in the realm of digital spaces but I also engage with and write about what other civic-minded peers and futurists are working on, including:

  • Supporting small businesses

  • Enabling better access to public servants and community welfare

  • Living an environmentally responsible life

  • Creating inclusive and fair workplaces

  • Improving employee wellbeing

  • Improving the experience of immigrants and refugees

If you’re interested in topics around public-interest technology, techno-ethics and experience design, I think you’ll find the newsletter thought-provoking and useful for virtual water-cooler talk.

-Hiba 🖖🏾